Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It’s been one hell of a ride trust me..

Adeptas has been through hell and back trying to stand firm and doing our best to stay steady for this faction we treat us our home and our faction mates who we call family already. From the full cast of 100 people that included people from PasawayProphecy, Unholy, VietnamIdols and few foreign friends from Luminaire and UK, our roster count is down to 70 whereas, only 30-50 people are left active and 35 being the max number of attendants on colony wars and it has been the same scene for the past 3 months. We’ve been the whipping boys, the bad asses, was stepped on, loved, hated, been blanked thrice on CW and even got my personal life hooked into it. It was hard; so hard that at times, I felt like quitting but ended up staying because of friends. For those times I felt like leaving the community and the game, I felt the heavy pressure of being a leader despite the fact that yes; it’s only a game. But friendships won me over and I ended up staying. I was dubbed attention seeker, quitter, whiner and even a backstabber on those times that I was so vulnerable.

This last Sunday, we were wiped off again from the map and reality bit me. I was so hellbent on revenge and getting back at the personal assaults thrown at me and my faction that I lost my cool for a while and thought of merging with eclipse. But my friends didn’t welcome the idea that well so to clear things up, I asked them:

Moments before their answers, I felt like the biggest loser of them all because I can’t do anything about being blanked in CW. But upon thinking and being reassured by my friends that win or lose we’ll stay one. I thought that pleasing everybody should be my main goal but I was wrong I told myself. I was spanked by reality when my friends responded this way despite the insurmountable odds we’ve faced for days, weeks and months in the game. I am very much proud that I stood for something I should have said and done earlier. Adeptas is staying for good like it or not. And we maybe down and out when you thought we are.. But trust me we’ll be back better, badder and stronger from these setbacks.


Side note:

CW breaks friendships, keeps you wondering what went wrong and raises our blood pressures out of nowhere that we never we thought we’ll have. If any of you are reading this (Fellow faction leaders), you very well know what I mean. You may have loved me, or hated me or didn’t even care at all at what I’ve done for my faction. You as leaders very well know your duties for you people. GG to you. Had so much fun. Peace out to EsBell, DoraemonX, Tine, Century, IceFox and thanks so much to AzureRain for being such a great sport, RedstarAvengers for the support and ETS (wuhoo) and buddies Swish and Wooot. Goodluck to my pal IsDope on NS. You guys are great. J

Cheers to my AF family from UK Alfreds, Anthonny, Fabia and DexTeR™, our viet friends VNKingGamers, HaiQuan, Casino, Byzz, Goldeneyes, Rebekah, Espandose, RodinaCZ, BeXinhZdai, ShoTAnDRuN and dear SexyXyesSir, the ever quiet girls Quirisaki, marus, Mayfair, Behbi, mcleude, Butio and our faction visitors Miss Veya and Ninemoons., and ofcourse, the bad ass boys of AF.. the road 20 boys Exceled, Labra, RALegaspi, twizcloud, Rainstorms, and Kuya Syowt, Jaded. The adrenalin boys Boos†er, E N E R G Y, Lourdez and Viernes. The quiet guys ciMnaD, Fhamily, vmos, o†o, Frankeesl, lhanz™, holipas, Ledford, Firebourne, Adubal, Sawamura and MADSKILLZ. The original UH boys Ter, Fred, Mami Anchie, Carl, Tito Rons, Bon, Chris and the remaining GG boys.. Mike, Gabo, Kryz, Daga, Jarbs, Justin, Charles and Jo. You guys are the reason why AF is still alive and kicking.. hats off to you J

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still Alive

It has been a long time since I last wrote here. I don't feel like writing because I felt so left out after my friends started leaving one by one. But as a "leader", I have to finish what I started and move on with the ones left. It was hard as we (AF) were left with very few people as the other ones has left due to a lot off issues in the faction.

So what do we have left? 25-40 People online on CW, around 30 active people on regular grinding hours till the wee hours of the day. It saddens me to see everyone go and there's not much of new blood coming in. But adeptas needs to stand tall no matter what. Despite every adversary our faction has been in, we've always moved on.

The lastest hump on the road was the issue of me quitting. For all those people there who knew nothing bout it and just whined and whined that "why the hell didn't you quit Welling?", you sure know nothing but play. Could it be the pressure as a leader? maybe. Friends leaving and me being left behind? maybe. But for whatever reason its now, I sure am staying now thanks to my adeptas family who knocked some sense into me by saying that quitting is not the way. So for the record, I ain't quitting.

As for recent updates, Eclipse still remains as our closest friends. We may have not fought wars together or side by side but we stuck by each other even on the worst situations. We've fought so many challenges from the likes of reborn, eden and ethereal. We were once at least a trinity with ethereal but an outburst changed the wind's direction. We were clobbered badly while ethereal was left unscathed. This triggered an uprising from the other factions together with eclipse whereas on that particular CW, we weren't supposed to go to war. But as a leader and your attendance (44 that night, the highest in months) that good plus your people urging you to go to war, you can't help but do something about it. So I warred supper since our previous colonies were owned by them at that time. After the war, the map was evenly distributed as Eden, Eclipse, AF and Ethereal had 4 apiece and revolution has 1. The next week, ethereal got back at eclipse and AF was at the receiving end of tons of people from 5 factions. With 33 people online, it was mission impossible. We ended up with no colonies while eclipse was left with 1. I've taken so much already sacrificing for friendships that brought my people no good. So for once, I had to stand up for something I believe is right for my people. We ripped ethereal off together with several factions but 30 mins left in the war, shades of the past happened. Eden launced a sneak attack on us out of nowhere and we Almost lost our 3 colonies but thanks to our last minute stand, we hanged on. After all the commotion, I learned that good friend and competitor IsDope got banned. People may have so much hatred on ethereal and what they stand up for but I do admire their power and trust for each other; something we once had but due to some circumstances, now only stands as a dream.

For better or worst, I will hang on. We will hang on. Viva Adeptas!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Caravaggio Status Update

Reborn's gone. Factions wiped off the map and now only three left standing tall... At the moment that is.

Last night's Colony wars was a wake up call for the other players in the server. The trinity of Eclipse (led by Wooot), Ethereal (led by IsDope) and my faction AdeptasFraternas was successful in its first stint together as allies. The whole caravaggio map was printed all over with our names. But this current standpoint might not last long with the emergence of EdeN as a caravaggio powerhouse and another brewing faction from the remnants of ReBorn and VIE and some possible merging ideas. CW is dying and the only way to revive it is by cooking up something new. I'm sure hardcore players who want action will find a way to resuscitate the wars in Caravaggio. To whatever is coming our way, the Trinity will stand ready for the challenge.

Viva Caravaggio~

some side notes:

B> elite camisa/plate/ringmail --> vis only

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Politics: A long awaited post.

Caravaggio politics has been on close call to the public lately. Yes it is colorful. Yes it is blinding at times. For the first time last night, factions were united as one for a common cause: to take down the dominating force. If this was the case in the past for the other servers, why not caravaggio? It's simple. All the remaining factions in the server are led by elite players who were friends all along. Taking a look at the competitive factions left, here's a breakdown:

AdeptasFraternas: Welling (ZeroTolerance->Unholy->AF)
Symphony: Demesne (Symphony)
Eclipse: Wooot (theBARON->Luminaire->Eclipse)
ReBorn: WuDi (ReBorn)
EdeN: EsBell (TheCore->Exodus->Ethereal->EdeN)
Ethereal: IsDope (Anfractuous->theBARON->Luminaire->Ethereal)

Looking at this short recap, we may notice the storied past of the current leaders. They are all caravaggio elites who for sometime in the past, I'm so sure, were teammates on raids and on new stuff that were for first hand exploitation in the server (gerero, diablo, skelly dungeon). Friendships have gotten in the way of CW and because of that, the "action" everyone was looking for was missing. It was also a matter of pride and contentment with what they have. After seeing ethereal hold the most number of colonies on any server last week, we saw it trimmed down to 3 when everyone turned on them. What's the moral of this tale? No man is an island indeed. When people unite for a cause, anything is possible. Kudos to the factions who united to change the surface of CW and to ethereal too for surviving the onslaught. Now new light indeed is shed upon caravaggio.

Something to look forward to every Sundays from now on.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Colony Wars, National Tourney and some Updates!

Our team made it to the finals of the Granado Espada Phil Leg 5v5 liberty colisseum tourney. 8 teams will slug it out for the much coveted prize of being called the Philippine's finest. As much as I want to tell the tourney's story detail by detail, I was busy preparing for the CW yesterday that I forgot to write about the event. We ended up 4th and Arc's team won it. Congratulations to you guys!

I have a feeling that was a brief and boring recap XD


This Sunday's CW was a little reminiscent of last week. My plan was the same (which is to attack Reborn with Eclipse) and get as much land as possible. I gathered our forces at auch chan 2 and gave out the valkyries to the squad leaders and gave my final notes in case a deja vu of last week's events occur. Minutes before the official start of the war, multiple factions declared war on ethereal, the most dominant faction in caravaggio, which included HeavyMachines, ReBirth, Azyr and Zodiac. As the war started, I instructed our squads to attack Topolo Durga and Rio Albi simultaneously (as eclipse attacked el lago). I was amazed that we got the colony in like 5 minutes time using high level and some grand level valkyries. A few minutes later, our desolate cliff colony was taken by reborn followed by our 2nd team conquering rio albi and eclipse taking el lago de tres hermanas.

An hour after the start of the war, eclipse and adeptas has been exchanging colonies with reborn as they took ours and we took theirs. Eventually, the major alliance between the 2 came into play as ethereal declared war on us as they helped reborn regain cliff and almost got el canon and katovic. Despite the amount of factions that declared war on ethereal, they lost none and even gained 1 more showing the whole caravaggio that they are dominant.

What could we expect on this week's CW? It's gonna be a long week ahead!


Its good to know that we are 1 family in Adeptas as my pals were present on the GE event for our first non-official EB. We had fun the whole afternoon fooling around and talking bout stuff.

Animo Adeptas!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Super Late Update!

weeeeeeeeeeeeee it's been a while my dear blog! how have you been?

Time to update!


Adeptas fraternas, our faction, got 3 colony on our first CW which was the WORST i ever had because of the multiple glitches (faction and squad chat bugged, super lag in maps full of botters, declaration of war delays). The whole CW was topsy turvy as we attacked and attacked (due to lack of communication at times that had us ending up in ganking multiple colonies at the same time (which was not part of the plan). The lag should be fixed and those bots, the very least, be cleaned during the war. They've ruined the economy already and they are on the way to ruining our sunday delight (=,=)


We joined the Rizal leg of the Philippine GE national tourney last September 14. With me in our five man team was Pinkzy, ·™, Hudiciaro and Riskbearer. We played a team full of blasters (love teh cheese!) composed of 4 elementalists, 3 musketeers, 2 wizards, 1 emilia and 5 scouts. There were 5 participating teams in the event (2 pachelbel, 1 caracci, 1 cervantes and 1 caravaggio). The format was one team gets a direct bye in the semis and is to await the winners of the 2 other pairings.

The original pairing was this one:

Red Horse (Caracci) v.s. Carnage (Cervantes)
Adeptas (Caravaggio) v.s. Exodus (Pachelbel)
LXB (Pachelbel) - outright semis.

1st Match: Exodus v.s. Red Horse

While we were waiting outside for the start of our official match, we were surprised to see exodus and red horse about to slug it out inside. We appealed that we were supposed to be in the matchup but to no avail since the characters we were supposed to play was already bankrupt of the alloted 50K vis for the consumables. We had no choice but to play carnage in the 2nd match. Exodus won that match and advanced to the single round robin of the eliminations via a quick win when they took control of the mid beacon and defeated the opponents with ease.

Exodus advances to the semis.

2nd Match : Adeptas v.s. Carnage

This match was one for the ages (the errors almost ruined it) as it was an all out slugfest for the win. Carnage's team was composed of nukers and some fighters that donned spears and shields while ours was pure parmesan. It was an all out war in the middle which we won. Whew!

Adeptas advances to the semis.

The semifinals was a single round robin affair. First team to win 2 games will be champ. It was a short lived finals because all our wins happened when we destroyed their beacons ASAP. Thus, we were declared champs and is to represent southern luzon for the Nats!


We attended yesterday's commercial launch to represent cainta for the nationals. Events about yesterday's happening will be posted here later.

CW again tonight! cya~

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Adeptas Fraternas : The Union of Souls

Welling with DeSanggria in GE

Out of the ashes of our fallen pride, an alliance of vengeful yet wary people has emerged.
Meet Adeptas Fraternas, The brotherhood of adept who vows to bring some serious competition in the caravaggio scene. Our aim is to come up with a faction that is friendly, helpful but very much battle laden by nature.
With superb teamwork, we reached faction level 52 on the same day we made the faction. Kudos to everyone and to those who helped us!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Day Off

Maintenance. A perfect way to liberate our minds from GE.

Temporarily that is.. LOL.


I was busy training my stances the past days and chit chatting with people a lot since there's no more faction chat to provide me with free entertainment once in a while. I admit the fact that I was really sad when I left Unholy. They've been my GE family for almost 2 months now (the first serious faction I got to) and I've got close friends there. But as much as I want to please everyone, it is not possible. I've reached my limits and that's it time to go.

I'm still willing to help the other guys with stuff. But returning is not a probability at the moment.


Shoutouts to good buddies beedee, crysal, friema, hudiciaro, muchachos and my soulmate desanggria. These people never left me when I was all alone after my dark hours. LOL! This shit's getting emo so Imma end it quick..


And yes! I was blogspotted!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ironic Day

Today was one hell of a day.

After 2 months+ of being a team player, I left my faction Unholy today.

The big question playing on everyone's mind is why. But I am not disclosing any detail on what it's really about. Yeah, it is partially related to my last post but I have reasons only I can explain.

For the people in Unholy who might pass by here, I want to say thanks for the company guys. I had a great time hanging out with you. Wish you all the luck.

See you around.


While I was busy training my stab guard and illusionist (yes I know it sucks but my illusionist is only lvl 22 ATM) stances in Topolo Durga, a good friend of mine, AnkH, pm-ed me and broaded the I was blogspotted. I was like... "Uhhhh... What's that buddy?". He told me to check GE site and to my surprise, I was really blogspotted 0_0

The post featured there was the guide I made for lvl 100 mini bosses. I was happy when people made feedbacks about the entry and I was bewildered when it won me "divine angel wings" (which I dunno how to claim XD). It inspired me to make a guide for raid bosses but decided that since the servers are young yet, I might spoil the fun for the players who put effort into how to deal with "the real deals" of Granado Espada. So for those people who requested a raid boss guide, give me more time to play with them before I spill out the details :P

Again, thank you so much for those people who read my blog =]


After leaving Unholy, many were asking where I am headed.

I'm asking the same thing.

For one, I want to thank the factions who offered me invites after seeing me factionless. But with how things turned out for me lately, I think I'm better off a soloist for the time being. This way, I don't offend people that much and I don't get blamed for my "childish and foolish" actions. If I am to join a faction again, I'll be joining the one that's low profile. I'm not that type of person who holds grudges that long but I'm the type who remembers how painful it was when something hit me.

So for the meantime, no faction chat, free 3 family levels or buddies to borrow and lend stuff to.

Better off alone once more.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Last Stand before P2P

Boss raids can really tear a faction down.

This same dilemma was what I faced yesterday when I decided to go bossing with my pals instead of the whole faction. Well for one, I was used to doing this with less people so that moves will be coordinated and yes, so that goods will be divided by less people. There was this rush of greediness in my blood we got 2 elite polearms early in the morning. Too bad, we got nothing on soloing the bosses.

But then again, I'm not that one for apologies.


Today will be the last CW before the colonies get reset. Welcome the P2P era where the strong, the rich and the meanest will thrive in. If you want to make an impact before GE goes officially underway, this is the time to do so.

I heard the Core and Reborn is coming after us. This is going to be tough.


belated happy bday to my mom!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A GE dream came true

Thought for the day:

Never give up as long as you're breathing... The winds of change could blow your way anytime. =)


A GE dream came true!

Finally got my elite plate !



I got tired with my duty in the morning that I thought I wont be able to play GE today. Good thing that my extra hours were moved to some other day. If it wasn't, I would still be drooling over some mate's elite plate mail. HEHE!

I have a feeling this post was gibberish. Bah at least I updated.. LOL!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thoughts for the Day

I wanted my blog here to follow the footsteps of the one Gilbert Arenas and yes, it has drawn lots of attention but I got more haters than lovers. Yeah, maybe the posts are biased but it is one's right to say what he wants in his own blog. But I just realized I am no Chuck Norris so there you go! Hate posts gone.

Happy now?


Yesterday, we were able to catch gerero (finally... I missed him!) and was lucky to get another elite robe of neptune. The other day, I got elite Camisa De Soldado and it suits my claude well. I was able to enchant it with max hp +16% + the 34% gay colony boost + extra 14% hp from family level and 10% from my boots, I did something yesterday that I thought I am not capable of doing; tank gerero!

In our previous gerero raids before, I have only seen stock fighters with shield tank him mainly because they can block his damage well (by using guardian) and partly because provoke keeps the gerero from hitting other people. Me getting beefed by vladimir's dad was impromptu and I was successful in doing so. I kept its attention on my Claude by hitting it with blandir cadena non stop while keeping him on protection field with my scout just nearby spamming mass cure when gerero casts stun (which when followed by a mjolnir could kill the tanker). After 2 channels, I just learned that we could do this without a stock fighter. But with all those hungry gankers hunting down gerero (and the limited time I have because of school), I might not be seeing gerero again till before sunday's colony wars.

Too bad.. :(


Shoutouts to CrimsonCarnation, PasawayProphecy, IAMVIETNAMESE and our faction Unholy for finally being faction level 52. Welcome the new set of Royalists!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Raiding bosses with ease: Unlocked

On this edition of the my much hated blog, I am going to feature 4 mini bosses that's nice to hunt when you've just reached the lvl cap (which is 100).

"The Golden Spider"

Lago celeste has its secret well kept behind those nice waterfalls. A mini boss! As you can see on its details, it is accompanied by little spiders (lvl 90) and has the least HP of the 4 bosses I'll talk about here. The best way to kill it is by first focusing on the its little mates before soloing him. Use AOE spells to keep the little spider pigs at bay and then hit the big mama when they're all sleeping.

The spider deals splash damage on its normal attack so it is best to spread out ur characters when dealing with it. It can also burn you. Its lone skill is "power attack", where in you see a bar above his head that indicates its casting time. It is single target and is avoidable but you can spare sometime killing it by casting as spell in response to its skill. By doing so, its skilled is cancelled and you get a free hit! Wearing lvl 92 armors (or +6 84) and using 92 unique weapons (or overupgraded 84,88 weapons with atk up) will help you own this monster with ease.

SUMMARY : Golden Spider
Loc: Lago Celeste
HP: 113,978
Skills: Power Attack
Drops: 80-84 equip, 88 unique bracelets, 84 recipes, 92 uniques and 84 elites.


Beneath the creepy 2nd level of skeleton dungeon lies a mummy from the movie "The Mummy Returns" starring brendan frazier and rachel.. ohhh ok wrong info XD. Skelly dungeon's resident mini boss is a mummy that moves like a turtle but sure hits like a tiger. The best way to combat him is by spreading out ur people to avoid his painful AOE spell: disease.

Without good armors, this AOE will surely deal fatal damage to you and your party. But like the Golden Spider's power atk, it is easy to evade his skill because it has a casting time. At this point in time though, dont cast a spell to counter it but run instead! There is a possibility that you will get poisoned if he hits you with this skill. One of the best ways to kill this boss is by using protection field on who is tanking and let the rest of the party whack it.

SUMMARY : Thoracotomy
Loc: Skeleton Dungeon Level 2
HP: 134,640
Skills: Disease
Drops: 80-84 equip, 88 unique bracelets, 84 recipes, 92 uniques and 84 elites.


If you thought thoracotomy was scary, wait till you see his uncle! Yes there is a boss lurking somewhere on level 3. It is a floating skull that spews a purple thingy from its mouth that deals splash damage and just like its niece/nephew (who knows maybe thora is a female?), it could give you a poisoned status. Now the tricky part here is how do you combat it with the aggressive environment around you..

"First clear the mobs"

"Now its 1 on 1 time"

"Now finish him!"

Beating boneless would be easy given that you follow the mechanics on how to beat thora. Their only difference in my opinion is that he's harder to find then the former.

SUMMARY : Boneless
Loc: Skeleton Dungeon Level
HP: 134,640
Skills: none
Drops: 80-84 equip, 88 unique bracelets, 84 recipes, 92 uniques and 84 elites.

"Phobitan General"

Now the last bad ass I'll be discussing here is our senior Phobitan Chieftain, none other than Irawan himself! Yes, he is GE's miniboss version of Irawan. 3 lightning fast kicks (pray its not critical all the time) and you are gone. Using muay thai, this ralph macchio can finish you off before you can see him coming.

Now how to deal with this ass kicking weirdo?

Mobs in topolo durga are REAL MOBS. They come in gangs and they wont stop coming. Lots of kicks from PG and all the mobs makes us panic. Killing him without pro field is generally hard but if you can find a spot where no party is going on, then you can start hitting it. Since he wears heavy armor, skills that gives damage bonus to heavy armor (blandir cadena, fallange locura) are very useful against him. Unless you have a wizard in the team or a fatso tanker (claude, grandma) it is advised that you hunt him in numbers. I believe he is the hardest to kill of all these bosses in here.

SUMMARY : Phobitan General
Loc: Topolo Durga
HP: 134,640
Skills: Atomic Phoenix Bomber, Dragon Kick, Atomic Crazy Rush Ring
Drops: 80-84 equip, 88 unique bracelets, 84 recipes, 92 uniques, 84 elites and 5 books of martial arts, HQ gems.

I hope this mini guide can be of some help to those boss hunters out there. If you got other questions, feel free to ask me. Till next time~!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Aftermath

Getting a colony was a dream for me. Getting 2 last week was a gift.

Now there's 4 (0_0)

This CW is one for the books as for the first time, filipino factions PasawayProphecy and Unholy (my faction) got 4 colonies each, the most in any CW in caravaggio up to date, for any pinoy guild. But this didn't come in handy.

7:30 in the evening, I was already asking my faction mates to save at rio albi, lago celeste and topolo durga. DeBeaumontt from Luminaire pm-ed me of an uprising within their faction that might lead to the final CW of the most controversial faction in our server. THEY WILL NOT HELP DEFEND THEIR COLONIES. Instead, he offered to help us get colonies from reborn. Learning the plans JustSweet, Luminaire's faction leader, I briefed our team for the final time. We attack el canon diabolica. Take it then take rio albi. Defend lago celeste and el tierra at all costs and forget about topolo durga. I also told them to standby for instructions with regards to luminaire needing help. With everyone gathered at el canon, all we needed was to wait for the start of the war.

And then came the signal.

From channel 2, we jumped to channel 1 simultaneously to attack reborn's colony in full force. 27 families were online and we were a full squad (with DeBeaumontt in it meaning 11 from unholy) started banging the guardless territory. In less than 10 minutes, we were able to take El Canon diabolica from reborn. Seeing that they are busy mauling down luminaire's colonies, we decided to push through Rio Albi. There we also met very little resistance from reborn's troops. In 20 mins, rio albi fell to the hands of the unholy ones..

But in 1 twist of fate, i was flooded by pm's from our friends.

One by one, the once proud 12 colony standpoint of Luminaire was getting demolished. Till it was down to 7 for the final 40 mins. At that point in time also, we lost our colony at el canon at the hands of its former landlord, ReBorn. Knowing that we have little time left, I directed our troops to regain el canon. Slowly but surely through all the lag, we swept our way to the colony to regain what's rightfully ours. With the help of the expensive but the ever efficient high lvl valkyries and our boss spider ambers, we regained the splitted lands. With 10 mins left in the clock, reborn gave it 1 last push but I was able to literally fend them off with non stop photon splashes and holes of darkness. With 23K hp left in our colony, the war ended.

I'll be posting the details of the drama during the CW tomorrow. I'm all banged up from the birdfalls and chain lightnings that hit my body XD

Saturday, August 18, 2007

2nd Colony Wars on my first post...

Oh hi there! Welcome to my first post here on blogspot *applauds* . This blog of mine will be GE oriented so if u find GE boring, GTFO of here! Kidding haha.. Anyways, I've been blogging on tabulas for 2 years already but I stopped posting last March when I... I just felt like stopping XD I'll try my best to update this blog here once in a while.


Tonight, August 19, 2007 will only be my second time attending the colony wars. My faction, Unholy in caravaggio currently has 2 colonies (El Tierra Blanco and Lago Celeste) that we'll have to defend against 2 possible conquerors: the republican alliance of ReBorn and TheCore. This is going to be a tough CW for us considering the conditions and events that has transpired in the past weeks leading to this Sunday. What's the story behind all these fuss? That's what I ought to explain in the following posts I'll make.

If you want to witness the unfolding of the caravaggio drama, stay put here. :D