Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still Alive

It has been a long time since I last wrote here. I don't feel like writing because I felt so left out after my friends started leaving one by one. But as a "leader", I have to finish what I started and move on with the ones left. It was hard as we (AF) were left with very few people as the other ones has left due to a lot off issues in the faction.

So what do we have left? 25-40 People online on CW, around 30 active people on regular grinding hours till the wee hours of the day. It saddens me to see everyone go and there's not much of new blood coming in. But adeptas needs to stand tall no matter what. Despite every adversary our faction has been in, we've always moved on.

The lastest hump on the road was the issue of me quitting. For all those people there who knew nothing bout it and just whined and whined that "why the hell didn't you quit Welling?", you sure know nothing but play. Could it be the pressure as a leader? maybe. Friends leaving and me being left behind? maybe. But for whatever reason its now, I sure am staying now thanks to my adeptas family who knocked some sense into me by saying that quitting is not the way. So for the record, I ain't quitting.

As for recent updates, Eclipse still remains as our closest friends. We may have not fought wars together or side by side but we stuck by each other even on the worst situations. We've fought so many challenges from the likes of reborn, eden and ethereal. We were once at least a trinity with ethereal but an outburst changed the wind's direction. We were clobbered badly while ethereal was left unscathed. This triggered an uprising from the other factions together with eclipse whereas on that particular CW, we weren't supposed to go to war. But as a leader and your attendance (44 that night, the highest in months) that good plus your people urging you to go to war, you can't help but do something about it. So I warred supper since our previous colonies were owned by them at that time. After the war, the map was evenly distributed as Eden, Eclipse, AF and Ethereal had 4 apiece and revolution has 1. The next week, ethereal got back at eclipse and AF was at the receiving end of tons of people from 5 factions. With 33 people online, it was mission impossible. We ended up with no colonies while eclipse was left with 1. I've taken so much already sacrificing for friendships that brought my people no good. So for once, I had to stand up for something I believe is right for my people. We ripped ethereal off together with several factions but 30 mins left in the war, shades of the past happened. Eden launced a sneak attack on us out of nowhere and we Almost lost our 3 colonies but thanks to our last minute stand, we hanged on. After all the commotion, I learned that good friend and competitor IsDope got banned. People may have so much hatred on ethereal and what they stand up for but I do admire their power and trust for each other; something we once had but due to some circumstances, now only stands as a dream.

For better or worst, I will hang on. We will hang on. Viva Adeptas!