Monday, September 17, 2007

Colony Wars, National Tourney and some Updates!

Our team made it to the finals of the Granado Espada Phil Leg 5v5 liberty colisseum tourney. 8 teams will slug it out for the much coveted prize of being called the Philippine's finest. As much as I want to tell the tourney's story detail by detail, I was busy preparing for the CW yesterday that I forgot to write about the event. We ended up 4th and Arc's team won it. Congratulations to you guys!

I have a feeling that was a brief and boring recap XD


This Sunday's CW was a little reminiscent of last week. My plan was the same (which is to attack Reborn with Eclipse) and get as much land as possible. I gathered our forces at auch chan 2 and gave out the valkyries to the squad leaders and gave my final notes in case a deja vu of last week's events occur. Minutes before the official start of the war, multiple factions declared war on ethereal, the most dominant faction in caravaggio, which included HeavyMachines, ReBirth, Azyr and Zodiac. As the war started, I instructed our squads to attack Topolo Durga and Rio Albi simultaneously (as eclipse attacked el lago). I was amazed that we got the colony in like 5 minutes time using high level and some grand level valkyries. A few minutes later, our desolate cliff colony was taken by reborn followed by our 2nd team conquering rio albi and eclipse taking el lago de tres hermanas.

An hour after the start of the war, eclipse and adeptas has been exchanging colonies with reborn as they took ours and we took theirs. Eventually, the major alliance between the 2 came into play as ethereal declared war on us as they helped reborn regain cliff and almost got el canon and katovic. Despite the amount of factions that declared war on ethereal, they lost none and even gained 1 more showing the whole caravaggio that they are dominant.

What could we expect on this week's CW? It's gonna be a long week ahead!


Its good to know that we are 1 family in Adeptas as my pals were present on the GE event for our first non-official EB. We had fun the whole afternoon fooling around and talking bout stuff.

Animo Adeptas!

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