Sunday, October 21, 2007

Caravaggio Status Update

Reborn's gone. Factions wiped off the map and now only three left standing tall... At the moment that is.

Last night's Colony wars was a wake up call for the other players in the server. The trinity of Eclipse (led by Wooot), Ethereal (led by IsDope) and my faction AdeptasFraternas was successful in its first stint together as allies. The whole caravaggio map was printed all over with our names. But this current standpoint might not last long with the emergence of EdeN as a caravaggio powerhouse and another brewing faction from the remnants of ReBorn and VIE and some possible merging ideas. CW is dying and the only way to revive it is by cooking up something new. I'm sure hardcore players who want action will find a way to resuscitate the wars in Caravaggio. To whatever is coming our way, the Trinity will stand ready for the challenge.

Viva Caravaggio~

some side notes:

B> elite camisa/plate/ringmail --> vis only

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Politics: A long awaited post.

Caravaggio politics has been on close call to the public lately. Yes it is colorful. Yes it is blinding at times. For the first time last night, factions were united as one for a common cause: to take down the dominating force. If this was the case in the past for the other servers, why not caravaggio? It's simple. All the remaining factions in the server are led by elite players who were friends all along. Taking a look at the competitive factions left, here's a breakdown:

AdeptasFraternas: Welling (ZeroTolerance->Unholy->AF)
Symphony: Demesne (Symphony)
Eclipse: Wooot (theBARON->Luminaire->Eclipse)
ReBorn: WuDi (ReBorn)
EdeN: EsBell (TheCore->Exodus->Ethereal->EdeN)
Ethereal: IsDope (Anfractuous->theBARON->Luminaire->Ethereal)

Looking at this short recap, we may notice the storied past of the current leaders. They are all caravaggio elites who for sometime in the past, I'm so sure, were teammates on raids and on new stuff that were for first hand exploitation in the server (gerero, diablo, skelly dungeon). Friendships have gotten in the way of CW and because of that, the "action" everyone was looking for was missing. It was also a matter of pride and contentment with what they have. After seeing ethereal hold the most number of colonies on any server last week, we saw it trimmed down to 3 when everyone turned on them. What's the moral of this tale? No man is an island indeed. When people unite for a cause, anything is possible. Kudos to the factions who united to change the surface of CW and to ethereal too for surviving the onslaught. Now new light indeed is shed upon caravaggio.

Something to look forward to every Sundays from now on.