Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It’s been one hell of a ride trust me..

Adeptas has been through hell and back trying to stand firm and doing our best to stay steady for this faction we treat us our home and our faction mates who we call family already. From the full cast of 100 people that included people from PasawayProphecy, Unholy, VietnamIdols and few foreign friends from Luminaire and UK, our roster count is down to 70 whereas, only 30-50 people are left active and 35 being the max number of attendants on colony wars and it has been the same scene for the past 3 months. We’ve been the whipping boys, the bad asses, was stepped on, loved, hated, been blanked thrice on CW and even got my personal life hooked into it. It was hard; so hard that at times, I felt like quitting but ended up staying because of friends. For those times I felt like leaving the community and the game, I felt the heavy pressure of being a leader despite the fact that yes; it’s only a game. But friendships won me over and I ended up staying. I was dubbed attention seeker, quitter, whiner and even a backstabber on those times that I was so vulnerable.

This last Sunday, we were wiped off again from the map and reality bit me. I was so hellbent on revenge and getting back at the personal assaults thrown at me and my faction that I lost my cool for a while and thought of merging with eclipse. But my friends didn’t welcome the idea that well so to clear things up, I asked them:

Moments before their answers, I felt like the biggest loser of them all because I can’t do anything about being blanked in CW. But upon thinking and being reassured by my friends that win or lose we’ll stay one. I thought that pleasing everybody should be my main goal but I was wrong I told myself. I was spanked by reality when my friends responded this way despite the insurmountable odds we’ve faced for days, weeks and months in the game. I am very much proud that I stood for something I should have said and done earlier. Adeptas is staying for good like it or not. And we maybe down and out when you thought we are.. But trust me we’ll be back better, badder and stronger from these setbacks.


Side note:

CW breaks friendships, keeps you wondering what went wrong and raises our blood pressures out of nowhere that we never we thought we’ll have. If any of you are reading this (Fellow faction leaders), you very well know what I mean. You may have loved me, or hated me or didn’t even care at all at what I’ve done for my faction. You as leaders very well know your duties for you people. GG to you. Had so much fun. Peace out to EsBell, DoraemonX, Tine, Century, IceFox and thanks so much to AzureRain for being such a great sport, RedstarAvengers for the support and ETS (wuhoo) and buddies Swish and Wooot. Goodluck to my pal IsDope on NS. You guys are great. J

Cheers to my AF family from UK Alfreds, Anthonny, Fabia and DexTeR™, our viet friends VNKingGamers, HaiQuan, Casino, Byzz, Goldeneyes, Rebekah, Espandose, RodinaCZ, BeXinhZdai, ShoTAnDRuN and dear SexyXyesSir, the ever quiet girls Quirisaki, marus, Mayfair, Behbi, mcleude, Butio and our faction visitors Miss Veya and Ninemoons., and ofcourse, the bad ass boys of AF.. the road 20 boys Exceled, Labra, RALegaspi, twizcloud, Rainstorms, and Kuya Syowt, Jaded. The adrenalin boys Boos†er, E N E R G Y, Lourdez and Viernes. The quiet guys ciMnaD, Fhamily, vmos, o†o, Frankeesl, lhanz™, holipas, Ledford, Firebourne, Adubal, Sawamura and MADSKILLZ. The original UH boys Ter, Fred, Mami Anchie, Carl, Tito Rons, Bon, Chris and the remaining GG boys.. Mike, Gabo, Kryz, Daga, Jarbs, Justin, Charles and Jo. You guys are the reason why AF is still alive and kicking.. hats off to you J