Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MAJOR UPDATE: POGS 2008, Colony Wars, Item Updates and err.. LIFE :D

AHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS! Finally an update! LOL. Yes yes, Mr. Welling has been very busy lately with life, both IG and IRL. Mom's gone into rehab for a possible slip disc and aunt's been in the hospital because of DHF and I've been busy a bit. Yes yes. Thanks to my friends and my darling though, I kept my sanity amidst the times of chaos.

Chaos, bloody perfect word.
Chaos Leader! Yes that bonehead moron from the secret temple. He sure is tough but worth the wait somehow. Why? You go figure!

This past CW saw the shift of power in caravaggio from the mighty hands of Reconquista into the 4 other major factions in the map. For a quick recap on how the maps were distributed, take a peek:

The Colony Holders:

AF - 4

Supper - 2

Reconquista - 5

Eclipse - 5

Eden - 5

Our last minute conquest of Feruccio junction was a super buzzer beater. Too bad no one took a screenie. We got FJ and a split second later, "Colony War is Now Over" Notice Appeared. Broad was buzzing because of the feat. Ahh.. Sweet.

What to expect for this week's CW? Recon's comeback and Our mighty stand to try beat them. It has always been a pleasure playing with them on CW. Mighty indeed.

Stay tuned this week for more action in caravaggio!


Earlier that day before the colony wars, we formed a small AF group to attend the POGS 2008 event at Trinoma for the 2 v 2 PVP event. Basically, I only attend gaming events for GE stuff so whatever gimmick was going on there that was not GE related, I didn't quite notice (what a snob!). Here are some of the pictures taken:

From Left: Hudiciaro (holding mommy barbie's baby gal), ·™, BaRbIeDoLLs, Riskbearer ( in orange), Pinkzy (Behind Riskbearer), CM veya, moi and Vmos.

Me and Philippine CM Veya

Maki (·™ Family) and Rob (Welling Family) Of AdeptasFraternas Caravaggio : Champs of POGS 2008 GE 2v2 PVP Tourney =D

We had fun at the event, thanks to the live bands and the pretty girls (according to my factionmates.. my eyes are set on one girl only and she wasn't in the event =p ) that staved off out boredom while waiting for the actual start. It was a single round sudden death type so that meant one loss and you're out. We beat the Reclusion brothers, Nate and Darrick of Caracci on round one of the tourney and met our AF Faction mates Riskbearer and Vmos in the semis. Luckily, we beat them and faced of against our AF buddies Pinkzy and Hudiciaro in the finals which we won in a nicely fought friendly game. YEY.. Champs.. HAHA.

We hurriedly went out of trinoma and headed back to our base LAN to prepare for CW. Whew! Just in the nick of time. ~_~


GE UPDATE: January 2008 (followed ArcTheLad family's format)

Family Name: Welling Server: CarravaggioFamily Level: 27 Faction: AdeptasFraternas Motto: "Live life 1 day at a Time"

Elites:- 100's

Weapons: (options to be kept confidential =p )
1.) +6 Daemon Slayer

2.) +6 Deadside

3.) +6 Bracelet of 3 Kings

4.) Pair of +5 Bracelet of Behemoth

5.) +5 Elite Rod of Moonstone

6.) +5 Rod of Armageddon

Elite 84's - Weapons (too many to mention >_>)


1.) +5 elite alegrias DR+2

2.) +5 elite graciegote DR+3

3.) +5 elite striform DR+3

4.) +5 elite camisa DR+3

5.) +6 elite alegrias DR+3

6.) +6 elite albaes DR+3

7.) +6 elite ringmail DR+3

8.) +6 elite plate DR+3

9.) +6 elite plate DR+3


1. Wizard (M)

2. ETS

3. Mboma

4. Wizard (F)

5. Cath Int

6. Elem

7. Elem

8. Cath Summoner

9. Irawan

10. Adelina

11. Bernelli

12. Bernelli

13. Romina

14. Jack

15. Fighter (F)

16. Fighter (M)

17. Fighter (M)

18. Claude

19. Claude

20. Alejandro

21. Scout


22. Jack

23. Andre

24. Idge Battlesmith

25. Idge

26. Romina

27. Graciello

28. Jose Cortasar

and 2 more I can't recall XD = total of 30 barracks slot occupied.


AHH.. That was quite an update. Please visit me and my baby's site for some more GE updates.

Have fun everyone~

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