Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still here

Haha.. Blog dead? Almost died completely. But nah.. Still here.

So what has happened to me? Hella lot my friends. Haha.

Personal life aside, GE has changed an awful lot from the time I was last here in my dear blog..

The elemental gates (fire,lightning) were somehow explored already, vergo dies in under a minute (given that we camp 2 hours for it sometimes), diablo and gerero looked like cockatrices to the experts, CW resets monthly, baron quests and the arrival of 92 elite weapons, new RNPCs.

The rise of power by some factions and the fall of some. Hella lot.

I would like to catch up with all the events going on lately but I still havent recovered from my injury fully. I will when I get back. Can't fill this blog with emo stuff. NOOOOOOOOOOO...


Thanks to my friends and family in AF for hanging around still. I appreciate everything you give and for staying despite all the issues lately. I'll be back and we'll be back.

Love and peace everyone.